Seattle Website Designer

Design Philosophy & Process

Your website is an extension of your brand. It should support your communication goals and meet the expectations of your target audience. We have a wealth of proven expertise designing sites, big and small. We create sites with the “look & feel” to appeal to your specific target market(s). We believe that any site – no matter what it's selling or promoting – should have a defined "call to action" so the visitor isn’t left wondering where to go next.

Sandcastle’s clients benefit from our unique perspective which is based on a blending of design, advertising, marketing, technology, and operations expertise.

Creative Process

Sandcastle’s design services include unique website designs, mobile interfaces, response-driven email campaigns, online marketing components and on-site interactives. Our website designs are customized for each client - we don’t use templates! We tailor the entire solution to fit your communication goals, brand guidelines and target audience.

We begin with the "Vision Scope Process" whereby we thoroughly evaluate and define the details of your project, including communication goals, site architecture and technical requirements. The resulting information provides a solid foundation upon which to begin the design phase where we present you with multiple, distinctly unique design options, demonstrated through a home page and secondary page.

From these initial offerings we work with you to refine the designs, and this process typically includes up to three rounds of modifications and a number of design templates that address multiple page constructs. The end result is the creation of an exceptional design that supports your brand and communication objectives.

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