Seattle Website Designer

Content & Visuals

Your website is a living and breathing communication vehicle. It’s important for it to be routinely updated with new content, graphics, media, current news and events to keep it fresh and drive search engine optimization (SEO).

The vast majority of websites Sandcastle deploys today utilize CMS (Content Management Systems). You become the webmaster. Our WYSIWYG tools are richly featured and operate much like Microsoft Word in their editing and layout capabilities. They offer the ability to upload/link pictures, .pdf files, video, Flash elements and a wide variety of layout tools, including tables and styles.                                                                                     

Website Content

We understand that web site copy needs to be informative, yet succinct.  It should always direct the reader to the desired call to action. It needs to blend in just the right amount of marketing “push”, maintain keyword density for search engine optimization, and support your communication objectives. Copywriting for the web is a specialized skill and we provide it. Our copywriters have years of experience and can handle even the most complex or technical communication requirements.


Video / Audio

Sandcastle has a deep background in video and audio production. Combine this experience with more than a decade of web development and design and you have a winning combination. If your site calls for that special video to punch out an idea or help sell your products, give us a call. Through our video production partner, BB3N we provide cost effective solutions that are specifically tailored to the web.


Photography for the web needs to work hand in hand with your communication objectives and appeal to your target audience. Great photography is truly worth a thousand words and helps eliminate copy heavy web pages. With a background in video production and still photography, Sandcastle’s creative staff knows what works and what will fit your need. Whether your site needs custom photography or cost effect unique stock images, we can help you make the right impression.

Multimedia Elements

Using multimedia elements within your web site can help to demonstrate a product, display your company’s services, reinforce your branding and engage your customers in an enjoyable way. Sandcastle has many years of experience with Adobe Flash and the newer scripted multimedia components, including HTML 5, CCS3 and jQuery. We’ll collaborate with you to come up with ideas, then turn them into motion.

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