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New Business Concepts

Many clients come to us with a new business idea. While a new website or app concept is a great start, it takes experience to expand that spark into a functional plan. Who is the target audience? What need does this idea fulfill? How will they use the product? What is the financial model? What are the growth plans? What technologies are required? Oh so many questions to ask ... and answer. We can help.

We'll start by learning about your concept. We'll probe with a variety of questions, some of which you may be able to answer, and others not. We'll work with you to expand this plan out into technical specification documentation, sitemaps, and wireframes. These will serve as a blueprint for the cost analysis and continued design and development.


Business Challenges

Other projects arise due to some form of a challenge. It may be technical or operational in nature, or it could be a marketing/communication issue. We've seen many over the years. The advantage to working with Sandcastle is that we're a multi-faceted company. We have a deep, technical knowledge of the web, e-commerce and mobile apps ... AND ... a solid background in marketing, design, advertising and direct response. Many times the challenges you face involve a complex interaction between the two worlds. To find the best solutions you'll need to work with a company that understands all of the factors that come into play.


Proven Experience Helping Business Grow

Over the years we've established an impressive resume of helping companies meet these challenges, find solutions, and continue on their growth curve. Give us a call today to learn more about our Strategy & Consulting successes.


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