Custom Designed Native Mobile AppLaunching in the summer of 2016, Washington State Insider is an educational tool used by students of Lopez Island School to help people engage in historical places around the state. Students are creating content for the app that showcases the people, places and events from Washington history. Users will collect points every time they visit an historic place listed in the app. For every point collected, $1 is donated to the purchase of new Washington State History textbooks for Lopez Island School District. Available now on Apple iTunes and Google Play.

With 468 Insider, communities can easily set up, manage and dynamically update information within their app through a user-friendly online control panel. Analytics tools provide information such as where visitors are from and what places they visit.

Easily customize the look and feel, locations and content in your app. The app will carry your name and brand, including organization logo and color scheme.

Assign points to each location in your app, creating incentives for users to visit more places. Identify Rewards locations where users can earn rewards by redeeming their points.

An online control panel provides valuable data about visitor activity, volume and origin. Generate reports to show popular destinations, periods of peak activity, and what part of the world visitors are from.