Amazon is an incredible retail presence on the web. Many people go there directly to shop without even searching the rest of the web. Integrating your ecommerce solution with the Amazon Marketplace through their web service could prove to be a very valuable channel for your online business.

We've integrated our clients online stores with Amazon so that they're able to use their stores as a central conduit for all of their product data and orders. Some of the features we can enable through our ecommerce solution are:

  • posting products to Amazon
  • receiving orders and customer data from Amazon
  • completing shipment of orders and updating Amazon with tracking information

It is also possible to with this API to allow Amazon to handle all of your fulfillment. The Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) Fulfillment API sections include operations that allow sellers to access Amazon's world-class Fulfillment capabilities through a simple Web services interface. Among other features, a seller can programmatically send order information to Amazon with instructions to fulfill customer orders on the seller's behalf.

Use our expertise to setup your Amazon Web Service integration.


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