Custom Integrations To Meet Your Specific Business Needs

Sandcastle has developed integrations with a wide variety of business partners and technology solutions, accounting systems and database applications.  We also partner with fulfillment and logistics companies to offer our e-commerce clients an end-to-end e-commerce order processing and inventory management solution.

Our development expertise has enabled us to productively modify the source code to accommodate specialized business logic and create custom store adaptations for numerous clients.  We have built many enhancements and plug-in applications so we can deliver a broad feature set for all of our clients. 


Robust, Complex & Specific To Your Business Needs

We have developed many custom solutions with a wide variety of business partners and technology solutions. We can create the perfect integration to support your business objectives and operational requirements. Some of our more recent and complex integrations include:

  • Ariba PunchOut Catalog with cXML
  • Oracle iProcurement and Oracle Exchange Punchout with cXML
  • UPS Address Validation
  • Order Motion OMX Fulfillment & Order Management System
  • ASCtrak Warehouse Management Sytem
  • Amazon Stores
  • Simparel Fashon Software
  • Multiple Order Fulfillment Companies
  • Multiple Call-Center / Customer Support Companies


Give us a call and let us customize a solution to fit your business needs!