Top Features

Umbraco is powerful and flexible

It is ideal as the content management system for your web sites and intranets

Umbraco is easy to use

Umbraco has an intuitive user interface that content editors will immediately understand and can easily use to create, edit, and manage content

Umbraco is easy to install

You can install Umbraco using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer and have the Umbraco content management system running on your computer in just a few minutes

Umbraco is international

Umbraco is fully localizable in both the administrative user interface and your front-end websites and comes with 12 languages already installed

Umbraco is web standards

Umbraco uses best-practice web standards like XHTML, CSS, jQuery, and lets you control even the smallest markup details

Umbraco is open source

Umbraco is committed to open-source and uses the MIT license, which is considered the most open of all open-source licenses

Umbraco is extensible

Umbraco's extensibility model gives you multiple options for extending and customizing Umbraco to fit your specific requirements

Umbraco is semantic

Umbraco's 100% customizable document object model gives you full control over how your content isstored. Think of it as a database for content driven websites where you can add unlimited number of Document Types with infinite number of properties, just like tables and columns in a database. This ensures that all your content is stored in a semantic way, as it should!

Umbraco is .NET

Umbraco is 100% built on the Microsoft .NET framework and takes advantage of the latest advances in .NET such as LINQ and Dynamic Language Runtimes (among many others)

Umbraco is supported

Your Umbraco site can be supported by a team of Umbraco experts with a bug fix warranty second to none in open—source software

Umbraco is community

With thousands of members and fast response times, the Umbraco community is simply the best in the industry. Visit

Features for Content Editors

Content Creation and Editing

Creating and editing your content is straightforward and simple with a tree-view of your site and your information presented in the way you define.

Media library

Umbraco's media library allows simple management of all types of media; including documents, Images and video.

Recycle bin

Umbraco's recycle bin for content and media allows you to easily recover a deleted item — even if you didn't intend to delete it.

Scheduled publishing

Umbraco allows you to publish or unpublish content on a specific date. That way, you can create content for later publication - like during the big game.

Preview of site before publishing

With Umbraco you can create and edit content without publishing it to your site but with full-preview capability. When you're done editing, a single click updates and publishes your latest version.


With Umbraco full versioning of your content, you can safely revert to an earlier version or save multiple author edits for audit review.

Full control over markup

Umbraco gives you full-control over your markup and never, ever alters your templates. Umbraco uses the Microsoft's Asp.Net Masterpages template engine, so you can use your favorite markup editor to work with Umbraco templates.

Complete separation of back-office from website front-ends

Umbraco makes a clear distinction between creating content (or editing) and serving content to your site visitors. This means you can create a secure authoring environment if you like. It also means your site is protected from the performance implications of sharing your server resources between your content publishers and your website visitors.

Separation of content and layout.

Umbraco allows complete separation of your content and your layout, which is a good thing. Using this approach you need just one set of content for all devices; web, mobile-platforms, iPad, RS5 and ATOM feeds and any other presentation you need.

Easy to Skin

Creating your own custom look and feel for your Umbraco site using standard CS5 and JavaScript. Umbraco even provides a skinning engine to allow skins to be installed and configured by Umbraco users easily.

Back-office contextual help based on public wiki

No need to have a big and clumsy instructions-manual by your side. All parts of Umbraco come with easy to access help texts, providing you with step—by-step instructions for any task.


Umbraco's built in search means your users can always find the content they need and your site visitors can find exactly what they're looking for too. What's more, Umbraco search is fully customizable and extendable so you can accommodate nearly any search requirement.

Create content from Microsoft Word

Umbraco allows you to create and edit content directly from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Live Writer. With the support for the MetaWeBlogAPI you can create beautiful, clean content directly from your desktop with full support for images and tags and with Umbraco security applied.

Built-in approval workflow

Umbraco comes with support for basic approve/publish workflows that are easily enabled. With notifications for the events you specify and full content versioning you'll only publish the content you intend to.

Features for Web Developers and Designers

Create your own administrative sections in Umbraco you are able to easily extend the back office with a custom application built into the Umbraco back office. This makes your life easier as they now only have to login into one application.

Gives you the freedom to work how you like

ln Umbraco, you have the option to develop your sites functionality using a variety of different Macro methodologies. You can use .NET User Controls, XSLT, Razor snippets, Server Controls, Python, and even create your own custom Macro handler.

Built in performance tools

Umbraco's built-in content cache and dynamic cache for macros gives your site a huge performance boost right out of the box and your site visitors a great experience. Umbraco users also have a great editing experience due to Umbraco's combining and caching the CSS and JavaScript used by the Umbraco back-office Client Dependency loader.

Multiple site support

Umbraco supports multiple sites in a single instance. Whether you are creating a multi-lingual site with unique content for each country or a multi-author blog, Umbraco has support for multiple sites. In addition, Umbraco allows you to share resources across your sites; so you can take advantage of single copies of CS5, Java5cript, Images, Videos, and any other elements that go into building websites - making the management of these items much simpler.

Runs on the robust Microsoft NET Framework

Umbraco takes advantage of the well—proven and widely-deployed Microsoft NET Framework giving you enterprise grade security, scaling and performance. If you currently have other .NET applications or websites, integrating those with Umbraco is simple and supported. Your designers and developers can continue to use the same .NET tools they are used to with no special Umbraco tooling required.

Easily and fully extensible

Umbraco provides numerous extensibility points and is a star at integration with other systems and apps. Whether you use Umbraco's built—in packager to create and install Umbraco features and sites or create your own custom data types, Umbraco has support for myriad scenarios. Umbraco uses a provider model for membership, search, site maps, and many more core web functions allowing you to implement your own provider if needed. Umbraco even has a full event model that is pluggable, allowing your custom event handlers easy access to a world of possible uses.

Open API

Umbraco has a comprehensive API giving developers access to every aspect of Umbraco programmatically - any action you can do with Umbraco via the back—office can also be accomplished via the Umbraco APl...and much more too.

Features for Every Umbraco User

Open source licensed

Umbraco is licensed with the l\/IIT license ( which means you are free to use and customize Umbraco exactly as you need to with no—cost or obligation


Umbraco has had the benefit of being deployed on many, many high-visibility sites for over half a decade. The version you download and use today contains all the fixes, features and hindsight borne from that experience.

Worldwide support and training available

Umbraco is a unique blend of a free, state-of-the-art CMS with a dedicated company backing it. With High-quality support and developer training, around the world, you can always get help when you need it and find qualified people to deliver your Solution.

Partner network

Umbraco isn't just a CMS, it's an entire ecosystem of developers and partners. That means you can always find qualified people to help you with your Umbraco projects, anywhere in the world

Diverse and active community

Our community is one of our top-features, no—where else do you find such a friendly and active community. With over 10,000 community members worldwide, there is not a time of day when our community is not “active.” From forum posts to blogs, from sharing designs and code, to in-person meet-ups; the Umbraco community is one of the top Umbraco features.

Support for the Cloud

Umbraco runs in the cloud. Whether you use Amazon or Windows Azure, Umbraco has been proven successful in cloud deployments. We even provide a one-of-kind Azure Accelerator for Umbraco to get you up and running quickly.


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