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Fulfillment & Operations

Sandcastle’s experience in marketing, fulfillment, merchant banking and customer service dates back to 1998 when we pioneered online shopping systems for the infomercial industry. We understand the operational expertise that is needed to successfully distribute your products and take care of your customers.

Ecommerce Operations Consulting

Setting up the back-end operations and logistics of your ecommerce solution can be a daunting task. We’ll use our years of operational experience to help eliminate the learning curve and expedite your time to market. Our goal is to help you reduce operational expenses and add revenue to your bottom line.


Sandcastle has partnered with key ecommerce fulfillment and logistics companies to offer our clients an end-to-end order processing and inventory management solution. One such partner is CCS Fulfillment, a company specializing in pick and pack fulfillment and inventory management. The Sandcastle/CCS integrated ecommerce platform allows orders to be placed on your store, then automatically exported to CCS where they are processed and shipped. Tracking information is returned to the store, triggering shipment notification emails to your customers. This integration also tracks current inventory levels at the CCS warehouse to provide real-time inventory reporting in AbleCommerce.

Direct Response Television (DRTV)

Sandcastle pioneered online shopping systems for the infomercial industry. Our first clients were some of the giants of Direct Response Television (DRTV), including Spacebag, OxiClean, and Quick ‘n Brite, just to drop a few names. Today the level of sophistication necessary to successfully compete in this space is very high. Sandcastle continues to raise this bar and counts a number of DRTV firms as our best clients.

Call Centers

Sandcastle has established partnerships with several call center providers to offer our clients a full supply chain solution. Our deep experience in the infomercial industry and flexibility to integrate with CRM and marketing automation systems will result in a dynamic, end-to-end solution to support your business.

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