Custom AbleCommerce designs and development

AbleCommerce Customizations

Sandcastle is a premier AbleCommerce Development Partner specializing in customizations for specific business needs. Grouping this with our robust AbleCommerce hosting envionment AbleCommerce design expertise makes us a complete AbleCommerce solution provider that can take care of your ecommerce needs. Our client sites range from specialty product sites, to online event providers, to stores serving Fortune 1000 corporations. We like to make things easy for our clients. Contact us for your hassle free consultation.

Robust Enhancements

Our AbleCommerce development expertise has enabled us to successfully modify its source code to accommodate specialized business logic and create custom store adaptations for numerous clients. We have built many enhancements and AbleCommerce plug-in applications so we can deliver a broad feature set for all of our clients. If you have highly specialized business logic or require AbleCommerce customization then Sandcastle is the right choice. Contact us today and experience the great service that the rest of our customers enjoy. Here are a few examples of custom AbleCommerce enhancements we have created for our clients:

The Dentist's Voice is a Custom AbleCommerce Website

The Dentist's Voice
Advanced Reviews Enhancement; Membership/Subcription Management

The Little Blue Book is a Custom AbleCommerce Website

Little Blue Book
Geo-Target Lookup w/ Automated Product Market Suggestion; Promo Code Tracking Enhancements

Ocens is a Custom AbleCommerce Website

Navigation Display Enhancements; Terms & Conditions Acceptance; Licensed Product Keys Enhancements; Product Activation Support

Soda Stream USA is a Custom AbleCommerce Website

Soda Stream USA
UPS Address Validation; Product Selection Wizard; Customer Rewards Programs; Referral Rewards Programs

Blue Mud is a Custom AbleCommerce Website

Blue Mud
Site Wide Volume Discounting; Product Grid Display Customizations

National Safety Inc
Customizable user group specific pricing based on product categories and volume discount tiers; Product pricing tier "add to cart" interface; Global volume discount enhancements

Powerful AbleCommerce Integrations

We have developed many custom AbleCommerce interfaces with a wide variety of business partners and technology solutions. We can create the perfect AbleCommerce solution to support your business objectives and operational requirements. Some of our more recent and complex integrations include:

Give us a call and let us customize AbleCommerce to fit your business needs!

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