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Meet The Sandcastle Team

David Newsom

Partner | Project Manager | Creative Director
David NewsomDavid is a graduate of Western Washington University with a degree in Visual Communications and a minor in English. His early career was spent in the film/video production industry as a Production Manager for the Van Ackeren company where he produced many regional and national television commercials for companies such as Weyerhaeuser, Ford Motor Company, and General Electric. He then moved to Miramar Recordings where he produced and directed long format music videos. While at Miramar, he won a Silver Telly as director of Imaginaria (an animated children's video), and was production manager for the Grammy nominated, Tangerine Dream: Three Phase for Best Long Format Music Video.

In the mid-1990's, David's career shifted to the interactive/web world as he designed and developed multimedia-enhanced audio CDs and websites for various record labels. This industry evolved, as did the web, to more robust web technologies and eventually, ecommerce solutions. In the late 1990's, David joined Cesari Direct Television to found Cesari Interactive with business partner, Mike Conkle. Here he designed and developed a wide variety of ecommerce sites in conjunction with direct response television campaigns. Clients included: OxiClean, SpaceBag, and SodaClub. In 2001, Sandcastle was born, as Cesari Interactive spun off to broaden their services for a wide variety of businesses and associations.

Today David serves as Sandcastle's Project Manager and Creative Director, coordinating staff and contractors to produce websites that are based on solid communication objectives and technology platforms. His diverse background in advertising and marketing, coupled with experience in a variety of media formats, enables him to quickly focus on a project's primary message and determine the appropriate communication solutions.

David enjoys running, biking, hiking and skiing. He's also been known to pound a few nails (and thumbs) on the weekend.

P: 206.325.5383 x 101


Ashlee Bowell

Partner | Chief Technology Officer
Ashlee BowellAshlee has been applying his abilities to the world of web development technology since 1999. His professional career began with Cesari Direct Television, a Seattle based infomercial and media buying production house. Here he developed ecommerce websites in support of infomercial campaigns, and advanced his understanding of what is required to create (and manage) successful marketing campaigns across multiple sales channels. In 2001, Cesari's interactive division spun off to form Sandcastle, and Ashlee began working with all types of businesses, big and small, to expand their presence on the web.

With the ever changing landscape of the web comes the need to adapt. Ashlee has played a crucial role over the years in helping Sandcastle discover and apply emerging technologies to achieve excellent results for our clients. His understanding of marketing campaigns has helped to broaden and strengthen Sandcastle's SEO and PPC services. He takes great pride in seeing clients achieve solid return on investment (ROI) on their marketing initiatives. Ashlee serves as Sandcastle's Chief Technology Officer, ensuring that Sandcastle's clients receive the best technology solution for their business needs.

On a side note, Sandcastle is a dog friendly office. As such, Ashlee likes to bring his dog in once a week. She is a 23lb wire-hair terrier mutt name Bijoux who loves to shadow Ashlee's every move.

P: 206.325.5383 x 103


Brandon Wysocki

Lead Developer
Brandon WysockiBrandon began developing websites at an early age; by middle school he was creating fan pages for bands and shows he enjoyed. This "self-taught" approach (learning from friends and online resources) gave him a strong understanding of HTML by coding in nothing more than Microsoft Notepad. Later, he advanced his knowledge in web development technologies with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Central Washington University. There he learned about W3C standards, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and a wide assortment of other programming languages. After graduating, he was an independent web contractor for a short period of time until he joined Sandcastle in late 2010. Brandon is skilled at all aspects of web development, but he particularly enjoys working on the front-end HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

P: 206.325.5383 x 105


The Rest Of The Team ...

... is a diverse group of developers and designers that keep projects moving and clients happy.

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